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Meet Linda

Linda Lowery, Director of Stepping Stones

Linda grew up in a strong Christian family. Sunday school and church have always been an important part of her life. Four generations of Linda’s family have been nurtured in the faith and fellowship of Cornerstone Church and its predecessor congregation, Faith United Methodist Church. Her grandmother, Minnie Hoke, led an adult Sunday school class for many, many years. Now her daughter, Kim Lowery, is teaching the littlest ones at Cornerstone Church.

Linda’s involvement in Sunday school and church helped grow and strengthen her relationship with God and Jesus Christ. She will tell you that there was no one special time or event that she remembers as the time she gave her life to Christ. It was a commitment that seemed to grow with her and her faith. That commitment led her to her involvement in Christian Education, starting as a Sunday school teacher when she was a junior in High School. Over the years her leadership and commitment to the church has evolved and her love for Jesus Christ remains steadfast.

Linda’s daughters, Kim and Jennifer, are active members of Cornerstone Church. Kim loves the children and is currently teaching the two- and three-year-old Sunday school class. Jennifer sings with the praise team and the choir.

Linda’s wish for each of you as you become a part of the Cornerstone family is that through the fellowship and love of those involved in the ministry of Cornerstone that you will experience the love of Jesus Christ, grow strong in your faith, and find a way to share that love and faith with others.

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