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Meet Nancy

Nancy Hoke, Children's Coordinator

Nancy Hoke has been part of the Sunday school program since she was two years old. She moved from a student to a teacher’s aide position, when, at the age of 13, her mother asked the pastor to find her something to do so she would not become a part of the “freezer gang.” Within two years, she moved into a lead teaching position. This eventually led to her current role as Coordinator of Children’s Ministries. In this position, Nancy works to help the children of Cornerstone experience God’s awesome love as they learn about the Bible and build a strong faith foundation.

While some Christians can remember a specific moment when they came to believe and follow Christ, Nancy cannot remember a time when she was not a Christian. She was born into a Christian family and was raised under the guidance of her deeply faithful parents and grandparents. Nancy was baptized in the First Evangelical United Brethren Church, which became Faith United Methodist Church. Nancy was confirmed there, and then, when Faith United Methodist Church and Plato United Methodist Church formed Cornerstone United Methodist Church, Nancy was one of the charter members. This church and the Christian faith have always been a part of Nancy’s life.

While Nancy has a large family, she also counts the members of Cornerstone as an important part of her family. This is especially true of the many children she has worked with and watched grow, in body and in faith, over the years. Being a part of this family of God is a great blessing!

Nancy’s wish for the members of Cornerstone is that they will all come to know that we are all part of God’s family and that we are always surrounded by his awesome love for us.

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